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Sexy Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Costume

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For our maiden feature, the first costume that comes to mind is none other than Princess Leia slave outfit also popularly known as "The Golden Metal Bikini". The original sensual costume featured in Star Wars' Return of The Jedi consists of a brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with string, a brass thong G-string panty, a red silk loincloth and leather high-heeled boots. There were other various adornments, including a hair fastener, a snake arm-wrap and two bracelets.

The Golden Metal Bikini is a fun and exciting cosplay that will surely please your Master, Jedi that is. This is one costume where couples can role-play creative and fun scenes from the movie, or even create their own. Just use your imagination or the Force. The costume available includes top, briefs with skirt, belt, choker and headpiece, more than enough to make any Star Wars fan or warm-blooded males go ballistic. Available in XS, S and M sizes. No L and for a good reason too.

Following is a memorable funny clip from Friends episode 49 :  "The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy" where Ross reveals his sexual fantasy to Rachel, which involves her being dressed up as ..... Princess Leia.

Sexy Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Costume

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